Wedding Planning

I am specialized in the destination wedding sector and I am able to take you by the hand and lead you along in all your preparations. But not only that, I’ll let you organize the day of your wedding in absolute tranquility, even at a distance.

I have been active in the legal sector for over 10 years and almost 5 years in the wedding planning sector. I have developed experience that can ensure the success of the event along with 360 degree legal protection.

Having been present in the field for this number of years and having a clinical eye in all legal aspects have allowed me to forge collaborations with serious and respectful suppliers in regard to the rights of the couple which is too often overshadowed.

True organization of an event can’t be without the protection of the interests at stake which includes making use of suppliers with excellent contracts that have clauses that benefit the couple and disadvantageous for no one. This is the basis on which to build the perfect day.

We are located in beautiful Puglia, in the province of Taranto, right in the heart of Magna Graecia, a step away from the crystalline sea, with a thousand shades of blue.

We love to offer the most beautiful venues, from our beautiful beaches at sunset to the historic Masserie. Suggestive and romantic frames are able to reveal romantic and elegant atmospheres.