The choice

Accompanying the bride on the occasion of the choice of dress does not fall within the tasks of the event organizer but when my brides ask me I never say no, I always perceive it as an honor to be a spectator of this magic.

The Choice, not by chance I write it with a capital S, is an intimate, magical moment that often triggers alchemy and particular emotions.

Yesterday was my bride on June 23rd the protagonist of this indescribable afternoon, incredible for a whole series of reasons that I will tell you shortly.

Paola’s entourage was not very numerous: mother, mother-in-law, sister and nephew.

All women ready at 6pm to cross the threshold of a famous atelier in the Brindisi area.

We were welcomed and followed by an amazing assistant, a very sweet girl with a very evident passion for her work. She immediately put everyone at ease, a bride in her head who started wearing the clothes she had previously selected.

The fashion show that followed was a sight for the eyes, I don’t think I’m partisan but 100% objective without a denial, my bride is tremendously beautiful and anything she wears is a success.

The first, the second dress, the third and so on up to the fifth. The second seems to convince her but she would like to change something. I think inside me that the right dress has yet to come. I see her reflected in the mirror as she evaluates the pros and cons, she scrutinizes carefully no detail escapes her and at that moment I take the photo of this post.

It is beautiful in its indecision, the wrinkled forehead that reveals all the questions that follow one another in his head.

There is still a dress to try the sixth: up to that moment, mother and mother-in-law occasionally throw a little comment but the mother seems to wait for something.

Caterina brings the last dress into the dressing room, they take a while to get ready and here is that Paola puts a foot out of the tent on the catwalk. He does not have time to appear completely and my gaze rests on his mother, he lights up, a huge smile appears on her face: “I shiver exclaims!” And shows us the hairs of his forearm in celebration.

Mom is always right, Paola will choose dress number 6 on day 3.

For lovers of numerology who knows what it will mean to me that I am, for obvious reasons, a lover of the number 3 yesterday was simply a perfect day.

But I will have to give a chance also to the number 4 because this morning a message from the mother of the bride has filled my heart and convinced more and more that I have the honor of doing the most beautiful job in the world.