Paola’s (and Alfonso) dream

From the very first time Paola set foot in the location court, which she would later choose together with Alfonso for their best day, she immediately expressed a wish: she absolutely wanted guests to be accommodated in imperial and not round tables. At that moment, looking at the light that filled his eyes, I promised her and myself that I would do everything in my power to realize and protect her dream. But there was an objective limitation given by the fact that the guests of Alfonso and Paola would have touched the 200 units and that’s how I proposed a fusion between imperial tables and round table. On June 23, 2018 in Brindisi the sun shone high in the sky, the forecasts for the 15 days before the wedding had given us a nice thunderstorm but I was confident: my reputation for bringing good weather with me would not have abandoned me. It was around 3.30 pm and with my trusted collaborators we were going to enter the church to fix the last details, we were distracted by the ringing of my phone was Ilaria (the owner from the location ed!) Who informed me of the presence of an annoying wind and he asked me where they should set up: inside or in the court. I replied that we would not have given up the court for anything in the world! The entrance to Paola’s church was beautiful and exciting with a nice note, the page that should have brought the wedding rings came in opening the procession brandishing the mini bouquet stolen from the damsel.

A total white floral arrangement consisting of hydrangeas and myrtle branches that gave off a sweet and very good smell, welcomed Paola on the arm of her father Eugenio. The path of the nave enriched with glass boules with very bright white candles. The religious rite was fulfilled and the newlyweds relaxed ready to celebrate with all the friends and relatives on location. As I wrote in a post on my Facebook page for Paola and Alfonso I challenged the mistral and won, we won. During the journey between the church and the location a phone call informs us that vases were flying in the court. Arriving there with my right arm we tried to understand how to solve the problem: on a single imperial table (we had 4 plus 8 round ed) small vortices of wind were formed that prevented the taller vessels from standing up. We waited a few minutes and broke 3 vases and in the end we decided: we tweak the program and modify the table set up “in the field”. The spouses had arrived on location and the guests had almost finished the welcome cocktail. It was the most intense 15 minutes of my life but in the end we solved the problem! I ran to welcome my spouses at the entrance and when I informed them that we had to slightly change the programs, the bride with an infinite disappointment in my eyes asked me: “Do I have my imperial tables?” At that moment I realized that I had made the right decision, that I had protected and realized the great desire of my bride. I told her that “her imperial tables” were there, that we had set up in the court and that her dream was safe. Remember my incipit? Well, I promised it to myself and myself: “I would have done everything in my power to realize and protect his dream!” And that’s exactly what I did! The adrenaline and the emotions that I gathered that day will remain with me forever, imprinted in my mind and in my heart. Paola and Alfonso had their happy ending, and you? What are you waiting for to ask me what I can help you with during your wedding preparations? “Whatever our souls are made of, mine and yours are made of the same thing” (Emily Brontë)