Nancy & Alberto

Alberto and Nancy are a young couple, but after 12 years of a well-established relationship they decided to get married. Right from the start Nancy showed her clear ideas and it was easy to build the design of her dream. Alberto was not far behind, he also knew exactly what he wanted and he was very involved throughout the organization.


We have created for them a delicate design, a garland in various shades of pink that has become the “brand” of their event. A touch of gold has made everything very elegant, but never too much. Small details, such as the beautiful candelabra, have been used on location as the base on which the excellent florist built the centerpiece.


The location, a stunning masseria in Ostuni (BR), turned out to be the ideal place at first site: elegant, refined and by no means trivial.

The couple expressed the desire to have an outdoor reception, under an early summer night sky, pampering us with a delightful wind slightly dampening the heat.


A wedding in the Puglian style, but with elegant notes, allowed us to get some wonderful shots of the very talented @raffaelevestito.

The bride wanted to personally take care of some details, assembled the holdings and made the white flower to close them. She has also created some lovely pink paper flowers, accompanied by a gold ribbon, which have adorned the napkins giving life to a simple set up, caring for everything down to the smallest detail.

A young and beautiful couple determined to crown their dream of love by following a common thread has proved successful.


The pre-dinner appetizer was held in an adjacent area, away from the section where the dinner itself would take place. This was done so the guests could admire the wonderful decorations when they entered. We could read in their eyes, at the moment when everything was in front of them, the wonder and the surprise.


The cutting of the cake was a real show: 10 luminous fountains framed the wonderful exhibition of duo luminous butterflies “Las Brillantes”, two very skilled girls from Lecce who performed on stilts wrapped in wings with a thousand lights.


Our first wedding of the 2019 season turned out to be a crazy party, the guests of the bride and groom did not spare themselves: they created a magical atmosphere worthy of an event that celebrated love.


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PH @raffaelevestito

Flower in location @luigidagosto

Location @masseriatraettaexclusive

Bride dress @carmelacomes

Groom suite @comesuomo1974