Julia and Nunzio from Switzerland with Puglia in the heart

When Julia and Nunzio contacted me they made a specific request: we want a Apulian wedding in the ways but not in the times. The two of them, a wonderful Swiss couple, wanted a great party with a southern flavour but not to have the “dilated” times of our weddings.
The date chosen on October 12, also for this detail the boys had very clear ideas and in retrospect I have to admit that it was the most appropriate choice: on October 12, 2019 we had peaks of 30 degrees with consequent distribution for the guests of sunscreen.
Among the different proposals Julia and Nunzio have chosen a wonderful location, Tenuta Monacelli. A beautiful Masseria surrounded by 330 hectares of olive trees of Salento.
For the symbolic ceremony immersed in a breathtaking scenery we studied a floral arrangement in total respect for the place: compositions of eucalyptus intertwined with olive trees in which stood flowers of chamomile and lavender. The scenery that stood out before the eyes of the guests at their entrance left everyone speechless.
Julia and Nunzio exchanged their promises of love in front of friends and relatives but in the presence of the most important witness, the daughter Aida a few months.
Among the various rites proposed the bride and groom have chosen one really special: the ring warming. A rite of Anglo-Saxon origin that provides for “the heating of the rings” which consists in passing between the hands of each guest who at the moment in his hand utters in silence a wish to the bride and groom. At the end of the passage Julia and Nunzio exchanged rings full of warmth of all participants.
Lunch was a challenge: outdoor on the lawn. We had a plan B but we all prayed not to have to take it out. Two very long imperial tables set up in Apulian style, the intertwined plate plate as well as the runners on which stood out compositions of aromatic herbs greeted by ceramic jars grotesque master Giuseppe Fasano.
You can see the sight in the photos in the gallery https://michelatombolini.it/en/photo-gallery/
A really nice note was the fact that all the children present at some point threw away their shoes and set themselves free: the vast expanses of lawn of the area adjacent to the place of lunch were the best babysitters. The parents were able to enjoy every single moment of the festivities in absolute freedom.
At 18:30 punctual as Swiss watches the bride and groom cut the cake, the hot sun of the day had already given way to a crazy moon that stands out in the photos in all its beauty.
Much appreciated (we had to reassemble it and send it to Switzerland a week after the wedding) was the wedding favor, a jar of oil of the Frantoio Muraglia di Andria customized in line with all the design of the event.
Julia and Nunzio’s wedding destination has closed a crazy wedding season that we can hardly forget.

It was the icing on the cake, without even a defection and all thanks to a team of suppliers absolutely level and a Carthusian organization.
Do you dream of a wedding with an Apulian flavour, immersed in the green of one of our crazy Masseria?


Venue https://www.tenutamonacelli.com/

Foto e video https://www.cap71043.it/

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Bridal dress and groom suite https://mariannacerimonia.com/

Music https://www.csoundeventi.com/