Elena, Cesare and the flood

To tell the story of Elena and Cesare’s wedding, I chose this wonderful photo of the wedding cake and of its preparation, arriving at the end of the post you will understand why. Elena and Cesare are both Lombard and have chosen to marry in a beautiful church in Ripalta Cremasca, the Church of San Michele Arcangelo. For the reception they opted for a delightful location 200 meters from the Church, Villa San Michele (the name Michele / a was the fil rouge of this marriage ed). Also in this case the weather forecast gave us the chance to pass off: a violent storm was forecast and no sun was visible all day long. We arrived the day before the event bringing a wonderful sun from the south and I imagined it would not have completely abandoned me the following day. Elena’s preparation was exciting, her witness Gessica and her mother followed with trepidation all the phases. When the florists’ staff started to bring the creations of Nadia (Poletti, the flower designer – editor’s note) to the bride’s house, it was all a succession of “wow”.

The wonderful bouquet, exactly the same as the bride’s design, the delicious centerpieces enclosed in wooden boxes created by the father of the bride, the wonderful buttons and the fresh flowers, foreseen for the hairstyle, which stood out in the vase gleaming with the intense colors of the burgundy, salmon pink and white. In this marriage there was a curious reversal of roles, the bride gave off tranquility from all the pores but the groom seemed to be sitting on a cushion of pins: he was so agitated that he arrived with a little delay. I leave the bride to run to my Claudia (Girola, from Colorato di Pink, my most precious right arm) in the church and we begin to look at the sky and, as early as the morning, the sun shone high in the sky but some clouds threatened from afar. We would have kept an eye on them later. The church left me speechless, Nadia was intent on arranging the last compositions, the glance was beyond all expectations, the project on paper was not only respected but was more beautiful a thousand times. The reality that goes beyond the imagination! A phone call from the photographer warns us of the bride coming, I take a look at Claudia and we understand each other on the fly: bride on the way but late husband. I immediately call the witness of the bride, who was in the car with her and I invite all of them to take a nice long ride. 10 minutes pass and the groom’s car appears on the horizon, we breathe a sigh of relief. With a little effort we invite all the guests to take a seat inside and as if by magic, thanks to the strategic delay of the groom, I manage to realize a dream of mine: the entry of the groom into the church on his mother’s arm with most of the invited guests! Satisfied, I am going to welcome Elena to the churchyard, which finally arrives and makes its triumphal entry (as it should be for every bride!) Welcomed by the applause and affection of friends and relatives. As I always say, the team makes the difference in an event, for logistical reasons this year it was not possible to bring my crew with me but I strongly wanted a colleague who is also a great friend of mine: Claudia , without her I could not have accomplished what was.

The church ceremony is coming to an end without a hitch, Claudia already on location to set up the room and the last details. I go out to the churchyard just before the couple and a few drops start to come down despite the presence of the sun, I decide to give an acceleration to the operations inside the church. We succeed in getting the spouses out of harm’s way, the flight of the two doves is successful and, while the new husband and wife gather their best wishes, I run away to the location, the photographer would have warned me of their arrival. On location Claudia and I are constantly upturned, scrutinize, observe, transform ourselves into pupils of Bernacca (is she still alive?). Let’s try to understand if and when the mega storm will break down on the villa and go over plan B. The spouses are arriving from there in 10 minutes when a bit of wind suddenly rises, another glance between Claudia and me and way to race the tensile structure set up for lunch ready to set up the table with the escort cards originally set up outside. The bride and groom arrive at the Villa and, as planned, (the Villa had amazing landscapes) they begin their shooting while the guests are entertained by the welcome cocktail. They do not have time to finish the last shot when a drizzle starts to come down, first slowly but then more and more insistent. Luckily the guests are all already at their tables and the bride and groom are just in time to make their entrance, finally lunch and the party can begin. The sun peeks out at times but the rain has wet everything outside and the area that was supposed to host the cutting of the cake is not accessible.

Together with Claudia we decide to set up the cake table inside, unfortunately the spouses should have given up plan A. What can sometimes come out of a plan B is really amazing, I personally took care of setting up the cake table and it was child’s play because the compositions were wonderful, and the result is what you see in the picture. Did I mention you at the beginning of the post why I chose the wedding cake setup photo? Here you have no idea how many compliments I “got” from the bride, she was enthusiastic and you still ask yourself: “how and especially when you managed to create this?” The when it is quickly said: 10 minutes of fire, to answer to the “how” I must once again bother two key words: training and experience in the field! Problem solving is not something innate, it is a gift that develops over time and through continuous study. And have you already understood if you want to use an event organizer for your big day? Elena and Cesare did it and not even the flood managed to ruin their big day. “Falling in love is easy, but being in love is something really special.” (Anonymous)