Ilaria e Umberto – final act

Do you remember Ilaria and Umberto? In 2019 we organized a civil wedding for them!

From the beginning their ideas were clear: their big day would be celebrated twice, the first on the occasion of the civil rite and the second great feast for the religious rite. Unfortunately (but not so much ndr) the covid has a moment messed up the plans and on July 15, 2021 after a postponement we made it.

Ilaria has immediately expressed the marriage of having a vintage style wedding anchored in the Apulian tradition and we have satisfied.

The prominent elements in the design project are the now famous demijohns of green glass and a cascade of lisianthus in shades of antique pink and white. The dress of the bride a triumph of lace and a petticoat in the shades of the nude that gave it exactly the vintage look it wanted.

The paper kit studied in every detail included a series of accessories that left the guests speechless. In the Church the choice to set up a wedding bag “decomposed” was winning, the guests especially liked the fan and all but all the strictly fresh water bottles (we bribed a nearby butcher shop to keep them cool until the last ndr) that have refreshed the hot tempers given the high temperatures.

Words don’t matter at all, run into the gallery to discover all but all the details of this project that has passionate and committed us so much.

Venue Parco La Serra Castellana Grotte (BA)

Flowers Michela Fragagnano (TA)

Photos e video Fotograficamente Lecce

Music Dark Angel

Stationary  Semira Creations

Planning and Design Michela Tombolini

Silvia and Fabrizio

Wedding season 2020 was one of those that do not forget, my bride and groom have all decided to get married in 2021 except for the two of them.

Silvia and Fabrizio have challenged everything: the Covid, fate and some adverse events but they did it and great.

In the setting of the wonderful “Masseria Magli” in Martina Franca said yes in front of their friends and relatives with an exceptional celebrant: Silvia’s best friend who witnessed the birth of their love

For them a doc Apulian style, a delicate floral arrangement with eucalyptus, lisianthus and daisies.

The bride Silvia crossed wonderful carpet of petals to reach, at the father’s arm, the future groom Fabrizio.

In front of the deconsecrated church Fabrizio and Silvia have crowned their dream of love.

For the dinner were planned centerpieces made with the so-called “Apulian Boccacci” filled with flowers, ribbons and candles that have created a magical atmosphere. The mise en place also provided for olive branches tied to the place cards and nothing was left to chance.

On a warm evening in late August 2020 Silvia and Fabrizio won their battle against the pandemic, their courage and a star that protected them from above allowed them to realize the dream of a life.

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Location @masseriamagli

Catering @cateringcheztoi

Music @tribemolle

Ph @robertatrani

Design and graphic coordination @charme_barbara_massafra

Planning @michela_tombolini

Julia and Nunzio from Switzerland with Puglia in the heart

When Julia and Nunzio contacted me they made a specific request: we want a Apulian wedding in the ways but not in the times. The two of them, a wonderful Swiss couple, wanted a great party with a southern flavour but not to have the “dilated” times of our weddings.
The date chosen on October 12, also for this detail the boys had very clear ideas and in retrospect I have to admit that it was the most appropriate choice: on October 12, 2019 we had peaks of 30 degrees with consequent distribution for the guests of sunscreen.
Among the different proposals Julia and Nunzio have chosen a wonderful location, Tenuta Monacelli. A beautiful Masseria surrounded by 330 hectares of olive trees of Salento.
For the symbolic ceremony immersed in a breathtaking scenery we studied a floral arrangement in total respect for the place: compositions of eucalyptus intertwined with olive trees in which stood flowers of chamomile and lavender. The scenery that stood out before the eyes of the guests at their entrance left everyone speechless.
Julia and Nunzio exchanged their promises of love in front of friends and relatives but in the presence of the most important witness, the daughter Aida a few months.
Among the various rites proposed the bride and groom have chosen one really special: the ring warming. A rite of Anglo-Saxon origin that provides for “the heating of the rings” which consists in passing between the hands of each guest who at the moment in his hand utters in silence a wish to the bride and groom. At the end of the passage Julia and Nunzio exchanged rings full of warmth of all participants.
Lunch was a challenge: outdoor on the lawn. We had a plan B but we all prayed not to have to take it out. Two very long imperial tables set up in Apulian style, the intertwined plate plate as well as the runners on which stood out compositions of aromatic herbs greeted by ceramic jars grotesque master Giuseppe Fasano.
You can see the sight in the photos in the gallery
A really nice note was the fact that all the children present at some point threw away their shoes and set themselves free: the vast expanses of lawn of the area adjacent to the place of lunch were the best babysitters. The parents were able to enjoy every single moment of the festivities in absolute freedom.
At 18:30 punctual as Swiss watches the bride and groom cut the cake, the hot sun of the day had already given way to a crazy moon that stands out in the photos in all its beauty.
Much appreciated (we had to reassemble it and send it to Switzerland a week after the wedding) was the wedding favor, a jar of oil of the Frantoio Muraglia di Andria customized in line with all the design of the event.
Julia and Nunzio’s wedding destination has closed a crazy wedding season that we can hardly forget.

It was the icing on the cake, without even a defection and all thanks to a team of suppliers absolutely level and a Carthusian organization.
Do you dream of a wedding with an Apulian flavour, immersed in the green of one of our crazy Masseria?



Foto e video

Flower designers

Bridal dress and groom suite


October wedding dream

Autumn weddings in Puglia are so amazing. The summer season has not yet completely let go and the days have a light and a magical atmosphere.

Giada and Antonio joined in marriage on October 3rd and for them we created a design with colors definitely in line with the season: burgundy, eucalyptus green, peach pink, pink powder and a touch of gold characterized all the details of the setting.

For these two spouses we had a mission: to be able to set up a really great Church without distorting it and without the project appeared “too much”.

Behind the altar stood a huge painting with wonderful colors that in the end we were able to integrate well into the context.

For lunch Giada and Antonio have chosen a typically Apulian location: a farm surrounded by greenery that has created the perfect setting for this wedding.

The weather, except for a small bracket at the exit of the bride and groom in which it rained a bit, was on our side allowing us to set up the time of cutting cake outdoors.

The bride and groom in the presence of all the guests had their magic moment in the presence of a wedding cake placed on a swing suspended between the olive trees.

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Location @masseriabonelli

PH @fabiomastrovito

Flowers @thetwinflorist

Music @darkangel

Planning & Design @michelatombolini

Bridal Dress @mariannacerimonia.fragagnano

Alessio & Claudia – a dream by the sea

Claudia and Alessio were for me “bride and groom you do not expect”, a nice-looking couple with very clear ideas.

My first meeting with her  was in 2018 during a trunk show in her atelier, Claudia is the owner and she is in the wedding dress business.

She already had her own wedding in mind and had actually already started planning.

When they called me was a month away from the wedding, Claudia was convinced could take care of everything  but she did not realize that her marriage was in conjunction with the great days of her clients. He didn’t really have time to deal with the last things.

Coordinating the day of the marriage of Alessio and Claudia immediately appeared to us not simple: they had set in motion a high-level organizational machine, involved a group of suppliers very strong.

The dream of my August spouses was double: the religious ceremony in a small church perched on a hill in Monopoli and to follow the candles ceremony with exchange of promises on the beach in a location and then the dinner.

I don’t think there are words to describe the atmosphere of that day, what was impressed in the wonderful shots of Vincenzo and his team represents the synthesis of a perfect day.

I don’t want to go any further but I would like the images to speak, you can view the most beautiful shots in the gallery


Venue @coccarobeach

PH @visstudiofoto&video

Flowers @ilgiardinodelre

Musica @nicorinaldi

Coordination day @michelatombolini

A dream in two acts

I met Ilaria during an event one year ago, she was sitting in the front row and together with her sister they followed me, both kidnapped, in my story of a dream.

I tell you the truth: I did not expect at the beginning it would become a bride of mine and I never imagined in which magical and special adventure would have involved me.

It was March of this year and one sunny morning I received a beautiful message that more or less sounded like this: would you like to help us realize our dream?

Umberto (this is how the groom is called) exactly on 15 July 2018 had asked Ilaria’s hand in a magical place. They were traveling in the USA and thanks to a breathtaking frame, the Niagara Falls, knelt down to ask her if she wanted to become his wife. Why tell you about the marriage proposal?

Because exactly one year later, July 15, 2019 Ilaria and Umberto became husband and wife. They wanted a simple but refined, refined and elegant civil ceremony with attention to detail.

The council chamber of the Municipality of Monteparano that hosted us was the perfect setting for the union of these two boys.

The delicate design in shades of pink blush has triumphed in the details: from the bride’s dress, to the flowers of the flower arrangements to the bow that closed the cadeau for guests.

For Umberto and Ilaria we studied a particular wedding cake table, in one of the inspections at the home of the mother of the bride I fell madly in love with a small antique console. And that’s where we created a magic: the wedding cake decomposed into three parts surrounded by flowers and design elements.

The dream of these two boys, however, did not end on the evening of 15 July 2019, Ilaria and Umberto on 15 July 2020 will crown their dream of love with the great event in the church.

Just in these days Ilaria has chosen her wedding dress and we are in full preparation. They chose the location, the photographer and the musicians. From January we will start working on design and I’m really too happy to say that our adventure together is not over yet.

I will never cease to thank these guys for the infinite trust they have in my work, choosing to entrust me with not one but two events is a crazy honor for me.

You can see other photos in gallery

Nancy & Alberto

Alberto and Nancy are a young couple, but after 12 years of a well-established relationship they decided to get married. Right from the start Nancy showed her clear ideas and it was easy to build the design of her dream. Alberto was not far behind, he also knew exactly what he wanted and he was very involved throughout the organization.


We have created for them a delicate design, a garland in various shades of pink that has become the “brand” of their event. A touch of gold has made everything very elegant, but never too much. Small details, such as the beautiful candelabra, have been used on location as the base on which the excellent florist built the centerpiece.


The location, a stunning masseria in Ostuni (BR), turned out to be the ideal place at first site: elegant, refined and by no means trivial.

The couple expressed the desire to have an outdoor reception, under an early summer night sky, pampering us with a delightful wind slightly dampening the heat.


A wedding in the Puglian style, but with elegant notes, allowed us to get some wonderful shots of the very talented @raffaelevestito.

The bride wanted to personally take care of some details, assembled the holdings and made the white flower to close them. She has also created some lovely pink paper flowers, accompanied by a gold ribbon, which have adorned the napkins giving life to a simple set up, caring for everything down to the smallest detail.

A young and beautiful couple determined to crown their dream of love by following a common thread has proved successful.


The pre-dinner appetizer was held in an adjacent area, away from the section where the dinner itself would take place. This was done so the guests could admire the wonderful decorations when they entered. We could read in their eyes, at the moment when everything was in front of them, the wonder and the surprise.


The cutting of the cake was a real show: 10 luminous fountains framed the wonderful exhibition of duo luminous butterflies “Las Brillantes”, two very skilled girls from Lecce who performed on stilts wrapped in wings with a thousand lights.


Our first wedding of the 2019 season turned out to be a crazy party, the guests of the bride and groom did not spare themselves: they created a magical atmosphere worthy of an event that celebrated love.


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PH @raffaelevestito

Flower in location @luigidagosto

Location @masseriatraettaexclusive

Bride dress @carmelacomes

Groom suite @comesuomo1974

The choice

Accompanying the bride on the occasion of the choice of dress does not fall within the tasks of the event organizer but when my brides ask me I never say no, I always perceive it as an honor to be a spectator of this magic.

The Choice, not by chance I write it with a capital S, is an intimate, magical moment that often triggers alchemy and particular emotions.

Yesterday was my bride on June 23rd the protagonist of this indescribable afternoon, incredible for a whole series of reasons that I will tell you shortly.

Paola’s entourage was not very numerous: mother, mother-in-law, sister and nephew.

All women ready at 6pm to cross the threshold of a famous atelier in the Brindisi area.

We were welcomed and followed by an amazing assistant, a very sweet girl with a very evident passion for her work. She immediately put everyone at ease, a bride in her head who started wearing the clothes she had previously selected.

The fashion show that followed was a sight for the eyes, I don’t think I’m partisan but 100% objective without a denial, my bride is tremendously beautiful and anything she wears is a success.

The first, the second dress, the third and so on up to the fifth. The second seems to convince her but she would like to change something. I think inside me that the right dress has yet to come. I see her reflected in the mirror as she evaluates the pros and cons, she scrutinizes carefully no detail escapes her and at that moment I take the photo of this post.

It is beautiful in its indecision, the wrinkled forehead that reveals all the questions that follow one another in his head.

There is still a dress to try the sixth: up to that moment, mother and mother-in-law occasionally throw a little comment but the mother seems to wait for something.

Caterina brings the last dress into the dressing room, they take a while to get ready and here is that Paola puts a foot out of the tent on the catwalk. He does not have time to appear completely and my gaze rests on his mother, he lights up, a huge smile appears on her face: “I shiver exclaims!” And shows us the hairs of his forearm in celebration.

Mom is always right, Paola will choose dress number 6 on day 3.

For lovers of numerology who knows what it will mean to me that I am, for obvious reasons, a lover of the number 3 yesterday was simply a perfect day.

But I will have to give a chance also to the number 4 because this morning a message from the mother of the bride has filled my heart and convinced more and more that I have the honor of doing the most beautiful job in the world.