A dream in two acts

I met Ilaria during an event one year ago, she was sitting in the front row and together with her sister they followed me, both kidnapped, in my story of a dream.

I tell you the truth: I did not expect at the beginning it would become a bride of mine and I never imagined in which magical and special adventure would have involved me.

It was March of this year and one sunny morning I received a beautiful message that more or less sounded like this: would you like to help us realize our dream?

Umberto (this is how the groom is called) exactly on 15 July 2018 had asked Ilaria’s hand in a magical place. They were traveling in the USA and thanks to a breathtaking frame, the Niagara Falls, knelt down to ask her if she wanted to become his wife. Why tell you about the marriage proposal?

Because exactly one year later, July 15, 2019 Ilaria and Umberto became husband and wife. They wanted a simple but refined, refined and elegant civil ceremony with attention to detail.

The council chamber of the Municipality of Monteparano that hosted us was the perfect setting for the union of these two boys.

The delicate design in shades of pink blush has triumphed in the details: from the bride’s dress, to the flowers of the flower arrangements to the bow that closed the cadeau for guests.

For Umberto and Ilaria we studied a particular wedding cake table, in one of the inspections at the home of the mother of the bride I fell madly in love with a small antique console. And that’s where we created a magic: the wedding cake decomposed into three parts surrounded by flowers and design elements.

The dream of these two boys, however, did not end on the evening of 15 July 2019, Ilaria and Umberto on 15 July 2020 will crown their dream of love with the great event in the church.

Just in these days Ilaria has chosen her wedding dress and we are in full preparation. They chose the location, the photographer and the musicians. From January we will start working on design and I’m really too happy to say that our adventure together is not over yet.

I will never cease to thank these guys for the infinite trust they have in my work, choosing to entrust me with not one but two events is a crazy honor for me.

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