Legal Advice

What can I do for you?

  • One shot advice
    Are you a wedding planner and have a contractual problem with a couple of future spouses and need out-of-court assistance to settle the dispute? You own a location and you can’t jump from one lawyer to another to get a specific contract out there without you having to provide it? Are you a flower designer and tired of witnessing the theft of your ideas? I have the solution to all these problems.
  • Annual advice
    Do you need an ongoing service that can provide you with a periodic and systematic contract setting? Or is it out-of-court legal aid that you need? Do you want to start a personalized path that allows you to protect your work from the systematic “theft” of ideas and projects? Michela Tombolini wedding lawyer & planner is the solution for all these problems but also much more. I’m going to save you from the vexatious clauses and help you get over them. What am I talking about? Find out!
  • What can I do for the newlyweds
    Weddings are wonderful events and all the newlyweds want everything to be perfect. Unfortunately, often the inconvenience is around the corner but with the help of a specialized professional even the worst and most common mistakes can be avoided without creating any kind of stress to the couple. The wedding lawyer can intervene in two stages: before marriage and after marriage. Before the wedding I will follow you and assist you at the conclusion of the contracts between you and the many suppliers with whom you will come into contact. I will check, before the signing of each contract, the validity of it, adherence to the legal forecasts and above all will pay more attention to the total protection of the interests of the couple, so that all the requests, wishes and rights of the newlyweds are Protected. If for any reason after the wedding the newlyweds should realize that something did not go as planned, one or more suppliers did not live up to its contractual commitments, I will help the newlyweds to get the right compensation. This service can be requested individually or combined with your event organization.