I was born in the beautiful Italian region of Liguria, in the city of La Spezia, and I was born in an upper-class context. I am the daughter of an officer of the Italian Navy, and I was always immersed in a culturally and historically sophisticated environment. My home is Italy (but not only!); I’ve changed city every two to three years because of my father’s work. Rome, Brindisi, Livorno, Varignano (SP), Brussels, are some of the cities where I lived and where my professional path begun.

Since I was a child, I’ve always been enchanted by everything related to the organization and planning of events, and I’ve always been in love with etiquette and ceremonial, essential elements in an event.

I’ve graduated in Law in 2006 at the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, one of the most prestigious law universities in Italy. Thanks to my knowledge of languages and jurisprudence I had the chance in 2006 to go to Brussels where I lived one of the best experiences of my life: I worked for six months in an international law firm where I had the privilege to work on very important international cases. At the end of 2006 I returned to Italy to complete my professional law career and in 2010 I became a lawyer.

Being a traditional lawyer has never catch my attention, and during the organization of my own wedding in 2013, helped by a wedding planner friend of mine, I understand that it was necessary to make a change. In 2014 the breakthrough: I met a very good Florentine wedding planner from which I have learned all the rudiments at the base of the profession, an extraordinary woman to whom I owe a lot, including the name of my first brand.

The need to grow and the hunger for knowledge lead me, in 2016, to Rome where I’ve attended “The luxury event experience”, a masterclass headed by one of the best wedding planners with an international background; I started in this way the destination planning specialization. This course confirmed an idea that was already flashing in my head… becoming a wedding lawyer, which is a lawyer specialized in organizing events, planning them meticulously in every detail from the first contract until the big day.


In November 2018 I participated in Naples at an international masterclass that represented the upgrade of the one followed in 2016. An extraordinary, enriching adventure that I won’t forget: the meeting with Philippa Craddock and David Beam. Philippa is the royal flower designer that staged Harry and Megan’s wedding, and defined by VOGUE as the “Best British Flower designer”, while David is one of the best event designers in the entire world. Working together with the two of them makes me realize that it was time for me to move on to the next level.

“Michela Tombolini wedding lawyer & planner” represents the perfect match between two professions that are complementary. An experienced lawyer in organizing events and much more. Legal support for the newlyweds and for the professionals of marriage, a rising figure and perhaps unique in Italy. 10 years of forensic profession combined with an ad hoc training with the best experts of the wedding worldwide. Michela Tombolini is the right aid for those couple, Italian or not, who want their wedding to be a fun, memorable, stress free experience through the right legal support, and a customized and unique service